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Every day I find exclusive deals on designer clothing, shoes & accessories, and post them here to save you money. The website is fully categorised and searchable, enabling you to easily find the deals you're interested in. I can't guarantee I'll have exact brand and model you're looking for, but I should have several decent alternatives at half the recommended retail price. I update every day, so please bookmark this website - it can save you a huge amount of money :) So where do you start? Click a category or size, and see what I've found.

Exclusive Deals - FAQs

So what's this website about then?
Over the years I've become pretty good at sniffing out bargains - in particular brand name clothing & shoes with big savings. Often there's only one of each item reduced - snapping these up has saved me thousands, enabling me to buy designer labels that I couldn't normally afford nor justify buying. It has also saved me a huge amount of money when buying birthday and Christmas gifts for friends and family. Recently I decided to use my deal hunting skills (and a bit of web knowledge) to set up this website, so other people can benefit from these savings. It's updated daily (I have a bit of spare time!), totally free to use, and no registration is required. All of the items listed are categorised and searchable; you can also browse by brand, size & colour. The items are all UK based (as this is where I live), but for most international shipping is probably available. If you find my website handy, then if you could bookmark this page, or spread the word with your friends, I'd be really grateful :)

What's wrong with these items? Are they fakes or damaged?
The deals listed are all brand new and genuine; I only add products from well known brands sold by established retailers to eliminate any issues. As to why they are so cheap - to be honest I'm not quite sure, although I imagine it's due to the retailer's algorithms. Often it's just one size and colour combination (i.e. Small, Black) that's reduced, with all the rest remaining at full price. The chances are this product has had a lot of views, but not many recent sales, and so the price is continually reduced until the sales increase to usual levels. I hunt down these reduced items, and put them on here so you can benefit from the rock bottom prices. Admittedly some of the items might be reduced for other reasons (ugly Christmas jumpers!) but for the most part there's nothing wrong with the product whatsoever.

Do you have this product in different sizes/colours?
Usually no, sorry! I don't get any say in what gets reduced, and can only list what I find - if the exact item you want isn't on sale, there's nothing I can do unfortunately. If you're a bit flexible, you may find a suitable alternative on here instead - or if you're not in a hurry, keep checking back and hopefully something will eventually appeal to you.

I saw a deal on here the other day, but now it's gone?
If an item is no longer showing on here, this means I've noticed it's either sold out or the price has returned to the full RRP, so it's not worth listing anymore - hence me deleting it. As mentioned above, I have no control over prices, but you may find a similar product on here that will suit you instead. If you need a new item of clothing (e.g. a jacket), your best bet is to check back every few days - new products get discounted on a daily basis, so something suitable will come along shortly. Waiting a few days will beat paying full price anyway!

I kinda like an item.. should I buy it?
If you're not sure, please don't buy it - there's no point wasting money on an item just because it's cheap. The idea behind this website is to save people money - I don't want to encourage needless spending and potentially getting people into debt. If it's a plain garment that you'll still wear in a few years time (e.g. plain black boxer shorts) then it's worth stocking up whilst they're cheap. However if it's an on-trend designer item, then don't buy it unless you're going to wear it now, as it will lose it's style and you might as well save your cash.

This website is updated daily - I add as many new deals as I can find, as well as keep all the prices updated, and also manually remove any deals that are no longer available - this takes quite a while, so if I miss any, then please let me know! I don't collect any contact information about my website's visitors - you can read my privacy policy here. Exclusive Deals is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk. Copyright 2024 © Exclusive Deals.