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Italian denim and casual wear brand Diesel was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, and is known for its bold and edgy fashion statements. Diesel's unique blend of rock 'n' roll aesthetics and Italian craftsmanship has set it apart in the fashion industry. The brand offers a wide range of denim, clothing, and accessories that appeal to the rebellious spirit in all of us. Below, I've found the some deals for Diesel apparel, with substantial savings on each item.

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Cheap Diesel Denim and Casual Wear

Diesel was founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978, and hails from the fashion hub of Molvena, Italy. Initially, they produced denim jeans and jackets, introducing a logo inspired by a Mohican skull that symbolised bravery.

Over the decades, Diesel diversified its product offerings. In 1985, they launched their first women's collection, followed by kid's clothing in 1988. The '90s saw Diesel expand into fragrances, eyewear, and footwear, while the early 2000s brought their foray into home furnishings and watches.

Today, Diesel boasts a wide array of products, including their signature denim jeans, stylish apparel, eyewear, fragrances, and accessories, known for their edgy and contemporary styles.

Diesel has collaborated with numerous celebrities and influencers, such as David Beckham for a fragrance campaign, Neymar Jr, and Pharrell Williams on a "For Responsible Living" sustainable denim collection in 2019. Their sponsorship of AC Milan, one of Italy's most prestigious football clubs, began in 2009. This collaboration extended beyond traditional sports sponsorship, with Diesel designing the team's off-field clothing, emphasizing the fusion of fashion and sportswear. Renowned supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss have also graced their campaigns, reinforcing their global reach.

In the world of entertainment, Diesel has made appearances in movies and TV shows. In the 1997 film "The Fifth Element," Bruce Willis donned Diesel's iconic denim. Additionally, in the TV series "Friends," Jennifer Aniston sported Diesel jeans, reflecting the brand's pop culture presence.

Diesel is acclaimed for its innovative advertising campaigns:

Diesel's "Be Stupid" campaign launched in 2010, and was a bold and provocative move in the world of fashion advertising. The campaign, led by Diesel's creative team under the guidance of former Creative Director Nicola Formichetti, challenged conventional norms and encouraged people to embrace their inner rebelliousness and spontaneity. It featured a series of visually striking and edgy images that conveyed a message of breaking free from societal constraints and daring to be different. The campaign's tagline, "Smart may have the brains, but stupid has the balls," encouraged a fearless and adventurous spirit.

In 2017, Diesel continued its tradition of innovative campaigns with "Go With the Flaw." This campaign celebrated imperfections and uniqueness, promoting the idea that flaws are what make individuals truly distinctive and interesting. The campaign featured a diverse cast of models, each with their own distinctive characteristics and "flaws."

Diesel faced controversy in 2018 with their "Deisel" store in New York City, selling knock-off merchandise. The move, intended as a marketing stunt, led to mixed reactions and raised questions about authenticity in the fashion industry.

In the modern era, Diesel maintains a global presence with over 5,000 employees and headquarters in Breganze, Italy. Their products are manufactured in various locations, including Italy, Morocco, and China and creative director Glenn Martens now leads their design efforts.

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